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What is CEAS?

Face-to-face mass education at a college level requires many activities to be coordinated and delivered to students, either in the classroom or through self-study in the home or in other venues. The Web-Based Coordinated Education Activation System (CEAS) is a course management system that is designed to support both the instructor's and students' activities involved in the cycle of class teaching and self-learning (preparation and review work (or activities)) which are repeated, for example fifteen times in a semester, and constitute the necessary components for the students to get a course credit in a college.

CEAS/Sakai and two series of CEAS are currently released:
CEAS/Sakai CLE Joint Framework ("CEAS/Sakai" in abbreviation)
CEAS Version 3 series ("CEAS3")
CEAS Version 2 series ("CEAS2")

Brief Development History
2002.4 Joint development project with Fuyuki Lab., Kansai University, and Panasonic Learning Systems, Inc. started. 
2002.11 The CEAS version 1.1 is released, and a trial use started at Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University.
2003.4 Full-usage started at Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University.
2003.9 The CEAS version 2.0 is released, free distribution for educational use started under the CEAS License.
2004.4 The CEAS is started to be used at other universities.
2005.4 University-wide usage started at Kansai University.
2007.9 The CEAS version 3.0 has developed.
2008.9 The CEAS/Sakai developed and started to be used in Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University.
2009.4 University-wide usage of the CEAS/Sakai started at Kansai University.
2010.9 The CEAS3 and the CEAS/Sakai are licensed under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0.

User Manual
User Manuals are available (in Japanese) at the Web site of the Advancement of Teaching and Learning & CEAS.

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CEAS/Sakai Version 1.0.3


The CEAS/Sakai Version 1.0.3 [20100924] for Linux is planned to be released on September 25, 2010.
Please be expected!